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Hello everyone, I'm Roldan. I have lived in Miami since I was two months old. After college, I worked in the IT world in corporate America for many years until I decided to strike out on my own as a photographer.

My work as a commercial photographer has taken me all over Miami and South Florida. One day I am covering one of Miami's premiere international events and the next it's off to a tropical setting at one of our sunny beaches. I can't tell you how many times someone will see the location of one of my photos and ask me - Where was that taken? Is that in Miami? or When did that place open up? 

I often find friends calling and asking about a new place they want to know more about. When visitors come into town, I am often the designated tour guide. After all, there is nothing I love more than exploring my hometown. This is how A Place Under The Palms was born.

Our Mission

  • To give visitors to Miami & South Florida and locals a detailed guide that showcases what there is to see and do in South Florida so you can spend less time searching the web for information and more time actually enjoying South Florida
  • To pass along insider tips & tricks from our blog family to help you make the most of South Florida
  • To remind locals about places they haven't visited in far too long and get them excited about exploring what's new

Along with our friends and our readers, we are here to explore all there is to see and do in Miami & South Florida and share it with you.

©Picture Works Inc / Roldan Torres-Moure - Miami
©Picture Works Inc / Roldan Torres-Moure - Miami

This is our home. We all share it. We walk the beaches, cheer for our favorite team, go to school, shop, and eat here. We live and work and play together. All too often, we stay in our neighborhoods and don't get to know our city well enough. 

We hope to build a resource for locals and visitors alike that will showcase our home to the world and welcome guests to our corner of paradise.

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Email: info@aplaceunderthepalms.com

We want to hear from you. Tell us what your want to see that we haven't covered. We will do our best to bring it to you in future posts. Share with us your best insider tips & advice on how to get the most out of the things to do in South Florida. Let us know what types of information you need and how we can best help you. 

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