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A Place Under The Palms!

Your Go-To Resource for Planning a Perfect Day in South Florida . . .

I'm so happy you are here! Welcome to A Place Under The Palms. My name is Roldan and I love to explore South Florida. I really enjoy sharing everything that there is to see and do here. South Florida is always changing. New stores, restaurants, hotels, and attractions are popping up all the time. Greater Miami is a big place and every day I find something I hadn't seen before.

Unless you have been to every beach, dined in all the great restaurants, been to all the great events then there is always something new to discover. This blog is for those who live here and want to discover new places in their own backyard. It is also for those that are planning to visit and want to know what there is to see and do. 

The beaches are on our Eastern coast, the urban center extends North and South, and the vast Everglades are to our West. Southeastern Florida includes Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, and the Florida Keys. We are communities of diverse people and places.

I am not alone in bringing you this blog. I have been a commercial photographer here in South Florida for 25 years. I have photographed business leaders, families, actors, politicians, musicians, and bunches of babies. I also explore the Everglades, our coastline, and the urban landscapes every chance I get. The blog grows out of the experiences with my friends, family, neighbors, and our A Place Under the Palms community.

I welcome your comments, insider tips, advice, and suggestions. I hope to be able to cover the topics that are of interest to most of our viewers.

I will explore the urban landscape, the nightlife, the events, the beaches, and the nature that surrounds us. I love it here and I love sharing it with everyone who wants to know more about South Florida. Join us and we'll see where the road takes us!

The Possibilities Are Endless . . .


Courtesy of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau
Courtesy of the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

Start Your Day Right . . .

Start the day with a bike ride or open-air Yoga class on South Beach. Enjoy a morning run along the shores under the palms or instead try some paddle boarding. Then its off to breakfast on a sunny sidewalk café overlooking the beauty of the Atlantic. This wraps up your perfect morning, but you are just getting started.

Grab the Sunscreen We're Heading to the Beach!

Which beach is perfect for today? Well, with so many beaches that depends on whether you are out for a swim, people watching, looking for a sandy, child-friendly beach, or reading under an umbrella with relaxing waves in the background. We will help you find that perfect stretch of beach.

Courtesy of Greater Miami Conventions & Visitors Bureau
Courtesy of Greater Miami Conventions & Visitors Bureau
©Picture Works Inc / Roldan Torres-Moure - Miami
©Picture Works Inc / Roldan Torres-Moure - Miami

An Afternoon Flying Through the Everglades . . .

Let's spend an afternoon exploring our "River of Grass". The Florida Everglades flow South from Lake Okeechobee into the Florida Bay. Fly across the the surface of the marsh on an airboat with the wind in your face. Spot the alligators, birds, or maybe some deer. In any direction there is nature stretching to the horizon. You'll forget that you are only 20 miles away from a booming urban landscape.

Dinner Overlooking Biscayne Bay or the Miami River tonight?

Time to find the perfect place for dinner. Meet your friends for dinner at a riverside yacht club. Take in the amazing views of downtown and watch the boats drift by. After dinner you'll head out to a club on South Beach to dance the night away!

Courtesy Greater Miami Conventions & Visitors Bureau
Courtesy Greater Miami Conventions & Visitors Bureau
Courtesy Greater Miami Conventions & Visitors Bureau
Courtesy Greater Miami Conventions & Visitors Bureau

What to See and Do - Where to Stay - Where to Eat - What Events are Happening


Places To See | Attractions you love and the places you didn't know were here 

When people hear "Miami", most think of the beaches or the Miami Dolphins. But there is so much more here. South Florida is home to a booming art scene, gilded age mansions, a Buddhist Temple, and the legendary Criteria recording studios. There is an abandoned rocket test facility deep in the heart of the Everglades. We have a Spanish Monastery built in the twelfth century, then dismantled and rebuilt here. There is a monolithic limestone "Coral Castle" with stones weighing as much as 30 tons built by a secretive man working alone over many years. There are so many other amazing places as well. 


Events & Festivals | South Florida's major international events

There is an endless selection of events in South Florida. You can sample a foodie's paradise at the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Each year chefs and culinary artists bring their talents to star-studded events in South Beach.

Listen to your favorite authors and visit the Miami Book Fair International - the nation's largest book fair bringing hundreds of authors to Miami to discuss their works.

If you an art lover, check out Art Basel and the many satellite fairs. Art Basel brings together exhibitors from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. There are hundreds of galleries and artists, both established and emerging, showcasing their work to art lovers from around the world. 

The Wynwood Art District, with its world famous murals and galleries, is a must see. There are gallery walks and open house events to enjoy regularly. 

Palm Beach is a world of luxury mansions, the Breakers Hotel, Mar-a-Lago, & Worth Avenue. Just west of Palm Beach is Wellington. Here you will find one of the premier polo destinations in the world, hosting polo tournaments  and welcoming equestrian enthusiasts. Every winter you too can enjoy high-goal teams, the divot stomp, the champagne, and the biggest names in polo.

Events of all types are happening year round and they cover every conceivable topic from Carnival Miami to Miami Fashion Week to the Miami Ultra Music Festival. There is always plenty to do here.


Places To Stay | South Florida's greatest hotels & resorts

South Florida boasts some of the nation's finest hotels. Ever since Henry Flagler extended his railroad down to South Florida, there have been magical hotel experiences for tourists vacationing here or locals looking for a weekend staycation getaway.

The Breakers in Palm Beach, the Four Seasons Hotel at the Surfside Club, the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, the Biltmore in Coral Gables, the Acqualina Resort & Spa in Sunny Isles, the Boca Raton Hotel, the Mandarin Oriental in Miami, and on and on. There are also great boutique hotels that offer unique experiences in spectacular settings.  


We invite you to turn to A Place Under the Palms

for everything Miami and South Florida! 

A view of MacArthur Causeway linking Miami to Miami Beach and paralleling the Port of Miami. The downtown Miami skyline is visible in the distance. -- Photo courtesy of the GMCVB
Matheson Hammock Atoll Pool - Coral Gables
©Picture Works Inc / Roldan Torres-Moure - Miami
Cruise Ship Sails Past South Point Park & Pier